VIEW Restaurant & Bar presents modern European cuisine with Asian influences using the best of locally sourced produce. Led by Chef Hans Christian, the restaurant offers an exquisite a la carte selection where every presentation is to please the eyes and taste buds of the beholder.

Inspired by its name, Chef Hans also prepare a tasting set for guest to sample the best with the Chef’s Point Of View set menu.

Elevate your dining experience with our collection of wines and culinary cocktails while taking in the superb city view of Jakarta, 22 floors above the ground.

Everything just tastes better up here...


The menu in VIEW is inspired by modern European cuisine and presentation with strong accentuation on Asian influence and the best of locally sourced produce. It is built around the passion to showcase the freshest ingredients through exquisite dishes that reflect culinary expertise and creativity.





Chef de Cuisine

Born in Jakarta, Indonesia, and having spent some years studying food and culinary in Malaysia and in the US, Chef de Cuisine Hans Christian then acquired his taste of gastronomy through notable staging experience working alongside notable chefs in various restaurants in the US.  He brought back his expertise and passion in creative culinary back to his hometown of Jakarta where he aims to convey a progressive take on food by merging European technique, modern presentation and Asian influences. He understands the importance of utilizing the best of locally sourced produce, and enhancing the natural flavors of each unique ingredient, in transforming a dining experience to be an unforgettable one.


VIEW’s culinary brigade comprises a team of talented chefs. They are all driven by a common passion for excellence in modern and creative culinary and share the understanding of the importance to utilize the best of locally sourced produce, as well as the need to understand each unique ingredient to ensure freshness and quality.


The service team at VIEW Restaurant & Bar believe in turning moments into memories to each and every guest through their outstanding service and unpretentious yet elegant ambience. The team believes in the values that VIEW aims to deliver impeccable cuisine with respect to the ingredients and create an exquisite dining experience.


The bar team at VIEW Restaurant & Bar offers the concept of creative ‘Culinary Cocktails’, the team bring all the essence of the kitchen to the glass, with house-made infusions, muddled fruit, unfused syrups, earthy spices and savory herbs. Our bartenders create bespoke cocktails to complement the dining experience.